5 Landscaping Tricks To Use In Your Yard

When it comes to landscaping your yard, there are lots of different tricks you can use to help enhance your landscaping game and make your yard look even better this year. Trick #1: Be Careful with the Use of Weed Fabric When many people discover weed fabric, they go overboard with using it. Weed fabric can be used as a barrier in your yard to keep out weeds. However, it should only be used sparingly in areas you don't want weeds and where you don't plan on planting anything else.

Get New Solar Panels? Don't Forget To Set Up A Maintenance Schedule

Your new solar panels should last a long time, but they aren't fixtures that you can leave alone for years. You have to have them maintained in order to get the most use out of them. This doesn't mean you have to actively monitor the panels for signs that anything is wrong, but it does mean you have to treat them like your home's heater or another appliance and keep the panels and circuitry in good working order.

Ways To Add Visual Appeal To Your Retaining Wall

If you're hiring a contractor to build a retaining wall along the edge of your property or elsewhere, you've likely made this decision based on the support that the wall will provide. While retaining walls are highly functional, homeowners often appreciate when they add visual appeal, too. One of the ways that you can make a retaining wall add to the look of your property is to have it built out of an appropriate material.

3 Amazing Benefits Of Mulching Your Lawn With A Lawnmower

If you have a home with a beautiful lawn, you probably want to keep it that way. Well, this is absolutely possible when you take advantage of residential mulch. By mulching your lawn with the grass you cut using a lawnmower, you can reap the following rewards.  1. Provide Soil With Healthy Nutrients In order for your lawn to really thrive over the years, the soil needs to be healthy. This is possible when it receives the right nutrients on a regular basis.

3 Simple Turf Management Principles Every Homeowner Should Know

While creating a gorgeous, well-manicured yard may seem easy, many homeowners struggle with basic turf management problems, creating lawns that are prone to sharp crabgrass, pest infestations, or even large patches of dead grass. Fortunately, by knowing some basic lawn care tips, you can prevent problems. Here are three simple turf management principles every homeowner should know. Grass Needs Nutrition While your lawn may be capable of staying alive with simple sunlight and water, it needs regular doses of nutrition to thrive.

4 Problems Your Landscaping Contractor Can Solve

Many homeowners choose to take on many home improvement projects on their own even though they have limited to no experience doing whatever it is that needs done around the house. If you're hoping to get some landscaping work done around your property, there's a few situations in which it is best to call in a professional landscaping contractor. Here you'll find a few ways your landscaper can help you around your property.

Three Great Additions To Your Landscape

If you think your yard is a bit boring and is lacking something, there are a few big changes that you can make to really bring your yard to life. By adding just a few things to your yard, you can transform it into one that looks a whole lot better than it did before. Here are three things that can be done to your yard to make drastic improvements that will cause you to love your yard.