5 Landscaping Tricks To Use In Your Yard

When it comes to landscaping your yard, there are lots of different tricks you can use to help enhance your landscaping game and make your yard look even better this year.

Trick #1: Be Careful with the Use of Weed Fabric

When many people discover weed fabric, they go overboard with using it. Weed fabric can be used as a barrier in your yard to keep out weeds. However, it should only be used sparingly in areas you don't want weeds and where you don't plan on planting anything else. For example, you should use weed fabric underneath where you want to pour gravel, but not in your planter where you want to plant flowers.

Trick #2: Create a Natural Edge Around Beds

Skip the plastic or metal edging many people put around their landscaping beds. This material tends to break down over time and doesn't look good in the long run. Instead, use natural materials to create edging around your beds. For example, you can plant low growing flowers around the edge of your beds. Natural edges look a lot nicer and more beautiful in your yard.

Trick #3: Always Use Starter Fertilizer

When you plant new trees, shrubs, and flowers in your garden, you should always use starter fertilizer. Starter fertilizer contains an array of different important ingredients that plants need to thrive, such as phosphorous. Starter fertilizer will give your plants a better chance to thrive and grow.

Trick #4: Group Annuals Together

When you plant flowers, put all your annuals together. Grouping your annuals together will help create a maximum color pop. Additionally, since annuals have to be replanted each year, grouping them together will make it easier for you to replant your annuals every year. If your annuals are spread throughout your landscaping, the color impact will be lost and it will be a lot more effort to replant your annuals each year.

Trick #5: Mulch Instead of Bagging

When you cut your yard, instead of bagging up all the grass clippings, get a mulching lawn mower. A mulching lawn mower will break the grass up into tiny particles, which will decompose and provide your yard with natural fertilizer. Mulching instead of bagging will reduce your yard's demand for fertilizer and will help your stay green.

As you start planning what you want to do with your yard this year, keep the five above tricks in mind. Also, remember the most important trick of all, you don't have to take care of your yard on your own. You can hire a landscaping professional to take care of your yard. If you have further questions regarding landscaping, contact a contracting firm such as Southern Landscaping Construction.