Ways To Add Visual Appeal To Your Retaining Wall

If you're hiring a contractor to build a retaining wall along the edge of your property or elsewhere, you've likely made this decision based on the support that the wall will provide. While retaining walls are highly functional, homeowners often appreciate when they add visual appeal, too. One of the ways that you can make a retaining wall add to the look of your property is to have it built out of an appropriate material. Many people favor paver stones, for example, but there are several other materials — including wood — that you can use. Here are some additional methods of adding visual appeal to your retaining wall.


While your terrain will partially influence exactly how the retaining wall should look, some homeowners favor this wall curving to some degree. There's no rule that states a retaining wall should be in a straight line, although this is often an approach that builders take. If you're eager to ensure that the retaining wall looks its best, talk to your contractor about having it curve. A curved retaining wall can appear less harsh than a straight one, helping to increase the look of your property.


Another element that you can discuss with your contractor is adding steps to your retaining wall. Not every retaining wall needs this addition, but doing so often adds a high degree of functionality to the structure. For example, if the retaining wall divides two sections of your lawn and you'll often be walking on each, it makes sense to have a set of steps added to the wall. The steps can be made out of whatever material you choose for the wall, thus creating a seamless look.


If your retaining wall is going to be of a considerable length, a good idea is to add pillars along its length. There are many different ways that your contractor can approach the use of posts. For example, he or she can add a pillar at each end of the wall, at regular intervals throughout it, or simply on either side of the steps. The pillars can take several different forms. For example, while there's nothing wrong with a standard pillar, one option is to have the contractor run electricity to each pillar and install a light on top of it. Alternatively, the pillars could hold planter boxers in which you plant flowers to further increase the visual appeal for the retaining wall.

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