Decorate A Walkway With Flowering Shrubs That Are Planted In Luminescent Pots And Battery-Operated Light Stakes

Plant a variety of small, flowering shrubs in large pots that have a couple layers of luminescent paint added to their exteriors by completing the project below. Once finished, place the pots at each end of a paved walkway and install battery-operated light stakes along the length of the outdoor feature to increase visibility.


  • ​plastic sheeting
  • large pots
  • face mask
  • luminescent spray paint
  • clear acrylic spray
  • flowering shrubs
  • potting soil
  • shovel
  • water hose
  • battery-operated light stakes
  • measuring tape
  • ground marking paint
  • decorative gravel pieces

Apply Paint And Acrylic Spray, Plant Flowering Shrubs

Lay a couple pieces of plastic sheeting over a flat surface. Place the pots on top of the sheeting. Put on a cloth face mask to reduce the amount of harsh fumes that you are subjected to. Apply an even coat of luminescent spray paint to each pot's exterior. Wait a couple hours for the paint to dry and add a second coat of paint to each pot.

Wait for the second coat of paint to dry before applying an even coat of acrylic spray to each pot's surface. The spray will preserve the appearance of the paint and will increase the shininess of each pot. Plant flowering shrubs inside of each pot. Water the base of each shrub. Set the pots near each end of the walkway.

 Install Light Stakes

Measure the length of one side of the walkway. Decide how far apart you would like to place light stakes. Purchase battery-operated light stakes to install on both sides of the walkway. Use ground marking paint to mark the portions of the ground where light stakes will be installed. Press the tip of each stake firmly into the ground. Cover the base of each stake with a layer of decorative gravel pieces. Turn on the lights whenever you would like to increase visibility near the walkway.

The luminescent paint that was applied to the pots will collect photons that the sun emits throughout the day. At night, the photons will be released from the pots, creating a glowing appearance that will subtly light the area where the pots are located. The decorative features will draw attention to your property and will make it easier for you to navigate the length of the walkway when entering or exiting your property. If the acrylic spray or paint ever fades or begins to peel from the surface of each pot, apply fresh coats of each product. Talk to your landscaper from a place like L & L Excavation & Landscaping for more ideas on lighting and beautifying your yard.