Changing Up Your Landscaping With Hardscapes And Lighting: Tips For You

Your home's landscaping design can be one of the most important elements of the overall aesthetic and impression of your home. If you want to be sure that your guests and any passersby are impressed with your home, you may be looking for ways to update and upgrade your landscaping design. Before you hire a landscape services company to help you change up your landscaping, get to know more about how landscaping with hardscapes and new lighting can improve your landscaping design and how you can put those two elements to use in your new outdoor design scheme.

Add a New Path Through Your Landscaping

Hardscapes can have a great many benefits for your landscaping design. One of the best ways to make this happen is to add a path that navigates through your yard. A stone pathway can make it easier to enjoy your landscaping and design, give you a clear and unencumbered walkway that can help you avoid mud and other messy problems, and make your landscaping look well-planned and intentional.

Choose a decorative stone like limestone, flagstone, pebble stone, or even bricks for your path. This will make your path eye-catching and stylish as well as functional. For a more organic feel to your path design, do not make it a straight or geometric path. Instead, choose to make your walkway more curved and meandering like a stream or river that formed naturally. And of course, installing lampposts or other lighting along the pathway will make even more of a positive impact

Create a Retaining Wall with Built-In Lighting

Another way that you can incorporate hardscapes and improved lighting into your landscape design is to add in a retaining wall that actually has built-in lighting. Retaining walls create variations in levels in your landscape design. In other words, you can create an area of your yard that is raised or elevated above another, or you can create multiple layers that are held in place and controlled by retaining walls.

If you are looking to break up your yard into different sections for varying uses, this is also an excellent landscaping tool to use. The retaining wall can be made of various stones including brick, cinder blocks, natural stones, or concrete stones. In the various spaces in between the stones, you can install small lights that can illuminate your yard and create a romantic or atmospheric look to your yard in the evenings.

With these basic ideas in mind, you can better understand how the addition of hardscapes and new lighting in your landscaping design can make a big difference in your home's overall aesthetic. Contact a landscape service like Boulder Works for more information.