3 Trendy Ideas To Decorate Your Garden This Autumn And Get Ready For Halloween

Now, it is soon going to be time for summer to end and Halloween will follow. The decoration for Halloween can be fun and exciting, and does not have to be a tacky haunted house look. You may want to consider some of these trendy ideas to give your home a new look this autumn:

1. Grow A Small Pumpkin Patch In Spring To Highlight It In Autumn

Growing small pumpkin patches can be something fun to do starting in the spring months. If you want to have them in a flower bed for Halloween, start the seeds a little late, so that they ripen around October. Another option is to plant them in the vegetable garden and move them to the front yard when it gets closer to Halloween, which you can also cut the vines to give the yard decoration the look of a pumpkin patch. This is good for larger varieties of pumpkins and planting the patch in a flower bed can be good for ornamental varieties of pumpkins.

2. Give Bushes That Need Pruning Halloween Shapes For The Fall

Do you have any shrubs and trees in your landscaping design that are still of green foliage in October? These plants can be pruned during the fall to promote new growth in the spring. While you are pruning the plants, you may want to consider giving them Halloween shapes for the fall months. For evergreen shrubs, you may want to make the designs large enough to change them later, such as giving them a Christmas theme when you are decorating in December.

3. Create Scare Crows And Characters With Leaves And Paper Lawn Bags

Scare crows can be a great addition to your lawn décor, and can be made out of many different materials. You may want to get some paper lawn waste bags and use them to create the body of your scare crow when you rake the leaves. You can staple bags to make them narrower for things like arms and legs. In addition to scare crows, you may want to use the lawn bags for other decorations, such as pumpkins, ghosts or props. You can close the sacs and paint them to give them any design you want.  Priming them with a white coat first will make more detailed designs easier to do.

These are some trendy ideas that you may want to consider to give your landscaping a Halloween theme without being too tacky. If you are ready to start improving your landscaping design, contact a landscaping service like Heritage Landscape and talk with them about some of these ideas for your home.