Making A Wheelchair Ramp A Landscaping Asset

When someone in your home is wheelchair bound, you obviously need a wheelchair ramp. You can add this important accessibility aid while maintaining your home's appearance. Safety and ease of use are the two most important aspects of a ramp, but you don't have to settle for something unsightly. You can have a serviceable ramp that looks good, too.


When you have a permanent ramp added to your home, it can be made of either metal or wood. Although metal is the easier substance to maintain, wood can offer you a more attractive option that can be crafted to complement your home's exterior. It can be painted or stained in a variety of colors that can add life to an otherwise utilitarian addition. You can also choose to construct a brick or concrete ramp. Both of these substances will endure for decades and, with some design help, can actually add interest to the front of your home. For instance, concrete can be stamped to look elegant, while the brick can be an extension of your home's brick exterior. The ramp can also be integrated into a patio design, making it an asset to your hardscaping efforts. 


You should consult with a contractor so you can design a ramp that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. A number of features can be added to these ramps to make to give them visual interest. Adding handrails can be a decorative touch as well as an added safety feature. You can also choose to enclose the ramp on the sides to create an attractive pathway for everyone who enters your home. Another choice is to landscape the ramp, using the sides as flowerbeds for a combination of annuals and perennials. You can also add hanging plants to make the ramp an enchanting pathway. The idea is to incorporate the ramp into your home's look and not have it protrude like a sore thumb among your other landscaping efforts.


When someone has mobility issues, they have to face enough gritty reality in their everyday lives. There is no reason to subject them to an awkward looking ramp that mars the front or side of your home. They do not need to feel responsible for making your house look less than its best.

Wheelchair ramps do not have to look ugly and as if they do not belong. A number of options exist that allow you to build an attractive and safe ramp that complements the style of your home. When designed correctly, a ramp becomes a natural and attractive part of your home's design and landscape. 

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