Make A Colorful Rock Garden To Display Your Favorite Plants

If you would like to draw attention to your favorite plants, create a colorful rock garden to display them in by completing the following steps. The garden will add depth and texture around each plant that is in it and will be help beautify your property throughout the year. 


  • wooden stakes
  • measuring tape
  • large shovel
  • garden tiller
  • small shovel
  • plants
  • topsoil
  • garden hose
  • plastic sheeting
  • spray paint (various colors)
  • rocks 
  • paving blocks
  • wheelbarrow
  • mulch
  • floodlights

Clear A Section Of Your Property And Add Plants

Mark a section of your property that you would like to use to create the garden with wooden stakes. A measuring tape will help you keep each side of the section even. Use a large shovel to dig down several inches into the ground, eliminating grass, weeds, and stones. If any of the grass or weeds are difficult to remove, move a garden tiller over the problematic areas to loosen the soil that surrounds them.

Dig holes that are wide and deep enough for each plant that is being added to the garden. Insert a plant in each one and cover their roots with soil. If any portions of the rock garden are uneven, add topsoil to them until they are level with the rest of the garden. Use a garden hose to water the base of each plant.

Paint Rocks And Paving Blocks And Add Them To The Garden

Place a variety of rocks and paving blocks on a piece of plastic sheeting. Add a couple coats of spray paint to the sides of each one. Use different colors of paint so that the finished rock garden is colorful and attracts attention. Once the paint has dried, load up the rocks and paving blocks into a wheelbarrow and push them over to the edge of the rock garden. Arrange the rocks in various parts of the garden.

Use the painted paving blocks to create a border around the garden. Press each block firmly into the ground. The border will help keep the soil contained inside of the garden. Fill in gaps in the garden with mulch. Use a small shovel to add the mulch wherever you prefer. If you would like to admire the plants in the garden at night, install a floodlight in each corner of it. The garden will add appeal to your property and can easily be maintained by simply making sure that the plants are watered on a regular basis.

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