Want Fencing, But Not In A Rush? Create A Fence With Trees And Shrubs

The longer you own your home, the more likely you are to make changes or improvements. If you want to improve the outside by adding a fence, you should think about how you want to get this done. It is possible to grow trees and shrubs to make a natural fence, as opposed to installing one. This option is perfect for homeowners who have enough patience to wait several years for everything to grow in.

Plant Shrubs for Low to Medium Height Fencing

Shrubs are perfect for creating a fence that ranges anywhere from 3 to 9 feet tall. If you want to enjoy full coverage fencing throughout the year, you should pick evergreen shrubs such as camellias or boxwood. These shrubs can get tall enough to satisfy your wants and needs for fencing, but they may not be tall enough to keep your dogs or cats from jumping over the shrubbery or from wild animals getting inside.

While trees will grow on their own, you need to work with shrubs to make them work for fencing. They need to be trimmed from the top and the sides as much as needed, which is usually a few time per year.

Plant Trees for Medium to High Fencing

Combining shrubs with trees is an excellent combination for creating a fence of nature. A tall-enough height for fencing trees is between 25 and 30 feet, but the main quality that you want is growth speed. Trees such as the California sycamore or the Leyland cypress are fast growers, so even though their max height is quite large, you can expect them to make a solid fence in just a few years.

Mix Both Shrubs and Trees for a Unique Look

While trees are effective at blocking out a lot of sun on your property, shrubs are effective at reducing outside noise. If the sun yard overwhelmingly hot at times and you live next to a busy street, you can greatly benefit from using both shrubs and trees to maximize the benefits of your naturally made fence. Another thing that the combination of these plants do is keep wind from being a major issue. If you want to keep your windows open to get fresh air, blocking cold air can be a huge help, especially during winter.

Although it may be quicker and easier to install a fence, you can enjoy a rewarding process of growing shrubs and trees to create a fence that does not cost a lot of money, but still offers most of the benefits. Contact a landscaper, like Wagner Sod, Landscaping and Irrigation Co., Inc, for more help.