Three Ways You Can Combine Landscaping And Entertaining Within Your Yard

Whether your home is limited on space or you want to enjoy long summer evenings outside, there are ways to bring the comforts of indoors to your outdoor spaces. By incorporating some creature comforts into your landscape design, your space will be more functional yet can still be on the wild side. Here are three ideas that can transform your yard for entertaining, but keep landscaping a priority.

1. Entertaining on the Patio

If you can turn your patio into another dining area, this can make warm evenings more fun and can get your family outside for mealtimes. If your indoor dining space is limited or you just want to switch up your dinner routine, an outdoor space to sit down and entertain can easily be set up. Pick tables and chairs that are durable, but also comfortable. Incorporate potted plants or bamboo around your patio to bring this to life, and invest in trees that can grow to provide shade over time. If your indoor kitchen doesn't happen to be near the entrance to your backyard and patio, an outdoor kitchen or prep area can help during barbecue season as well.

2. Movie Night

If you have a nice yard that you would like to get more use out of, an outdoor 'movie theater' can transform your backyard for family and friends. A tall fence or the side of your garage or shed can work as a space to project movies onto all summer. Be sure to incorporate types of grasses that are durable but also comfortable to sit on when it comes to your yard so that everyone can relax on the lawn and enjoy the show.

3. A Fire Pit for Evening Gatherings

A great spin on the campfire is to invest in a fire pit that everyone can gather around late into the night for drinks or long chats. While fire pits themselves can be easy to set up, make sure to put some thought into chair and side tables as well. You may want to go with metal furnishings that are lower to the ground. This will get everyone near the fire but without the risk of sparks damaging wood furnishings. Be sure to work with your landscaper to make sure this type of setup is far enough away from your plants and trees as well to strike a balance between entertaining and landscaping safety.

Working to make your outdoor spaces more livable will make warmer seasons that much more fun. You might be able to incorporate entertaining features within your landscaping on your own, but if you need help with overall planning, bringing in a landscaper to help can get you started on the right foot. For more information, contact a business such as Glynn Young's Landscaping & Nursery Center.