4 Tips To Get Started Growing Your Own Front Yard Garden

Growing vegetables, herbs, and other plants in your front yard can be a great alternative to a large grass lawn, plus it can be eco-friendlier since you'll be able to enjoy eating what you grow. Before you get started with growing your own garden full of edible treats, it's a good idea to look into what you can do to get your yard prepared and how you can avoid problems from pests or pedestrians getting in your garden.

Keep Your Garden a Good Distance Away from the Pavement

Whether you live on a busy street or not, one of the best things you can do is make sure that your garden isn't located too close to the pavement. Since people will be walking by, potentially using yard equipment or simply kicking rocks and other debris up, you want to keep your garden far enough away where it remains safe.

Put Up Fencing to Keep Animals and Pedestrians Out

The most effective way of keeping pests and pedestrians away from your garden is by putting up fencing. While you may not be a fan of tall fencing that can give your yard too much separation, it's a good idea to choose fencing at least 2 feet tall so that animals can't get into your garden as easily. Along with fencing around the perimeter of the front yard, you can even put up fencing around the individual garden plots or planter beds.

Get Creative About Pest Control and Wildlife Prevention

As you look into how to control pests, you need to make sure that you will not be adding any chemicals that could be harmful to anything you'll be growing for food. A fantastic way of natural pest control is simply introducing colorful flowers that can help keep pests away without any harmful chemicals. Beautiful flowers to include are lavender, due to its ability to repel fleas and mosquitoes, along with borage, which can deter cabbage worms and horn worms.

Include Plants to Improve the Curb Appeal

When you begin to explore the different kinds of plants that can keep pests away, the good idea to also look into what kinds of plants can improve the way your front yard looks. It's a common problem for people to focus only on what kinds of vegetables they enjoy eating and what deters pests, and skip over entirely what looks good. By choosing colors and a variety that looks beautiful, your front yard can be improved greatly.

Growing an edible garden in your front yard requires some work, but with a tips above, you can get exactly what you want. If you have any questions about growing certain plants or what might look good, contact a company like ScenicView Landscapes.