Two Uses For Sand In Your Commercial Landscaping Projects

It can be common for business owners to want to undertake an assortment of projects designed to improve the appearance of their commercial property. However, if you have only recently purchased your first piece of commercial real estate, you may be unsure of what resources you will need to achieve the desired look for the property. For example, many new business owners assume that sand is only used in construction projects, but after you consider the following two landscaping uses for sand, you may have a better appreciation for how to utilize this substance to improve the appearance of your business. 

Weed Control For Brick Or Stone Walking Paths

Controlling the growth of weeds can be a constant battle that you will need to wage in order to keep your property looking its best. In particular, it will be necessary to keep weeds from growing between any stones that you use as a walking path. While this can be done using harsh herbicides, many individuals may be concerned about using these substances due to a fear of contaminating local water sources. Luckily, sand represents a safe and natural alternative to this option. By filling the spaces between the stones with compacted sand, you can make it far more difficult for weeds to grow.

Improving Drainage Of The Property

Having pools of standing water in front of the business can be a turnoff for potential customers, and it may pose safety hazards depending on how the property is arranged. Sadly, many people assume there is nothing that can be done for this issue. In addition to being unsightly, this can cause damage to the plants in landscaping, it can increase the number of insects around your business, and it can contribute to erosion.

Luckily, sand can be used to dramatically improve the drainage of your soil. This is done by excavating much of the dirt and installing rocks and sand in the excavated area before putting the topsoil back in place. The sand will help excess water drain away, and while this may sound like a major project to undertake, it can be one of the more effective solutions for the problem of standing pools of water.

Sand can have a great number of uses for landscaping projects. However, it is a fact that you may not have much experience with these projects, which can cause you to overlook the numerous applications for sand. By appreciating the benefits of using this material for weed control and improving drainage, you will be better able to make judgements concerning making improvements to your property.

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