Innovative Landscaping Trends You Can Add To Your Landscaping Space

Landscaping trends come and go. Homeowners scan the styles. Some people choose to stay the course with what's already on their property while others update and make more attractive and suitable changes. There are trendy and enhancing design options in the landscaping industry that you can choose to satisfy your specific outdoor individual needs, and you can do it yourself or hire a landscaper to do the job.

Replacing Your Lawn Is An Interesting Option

Think about the fact that you use a lot of water to water a grassy lawn that's beautiful to look at. What else do you do with the lawn apart from ensuring beautiful grass? You could introduce a revolutionary landscaping trend by getting rid of the grass on your front lawn and introduce a very innovative replacement that serves more than one purpose.

Design And Create A Rock Garden

Now before you start shaking your head about this idea, here's a trend that you might like to follow. Create a rock garden on your front lawn instead of a grassy lawn if you're living in areas of the country that are quite hot. The only materials required for this setup are rocks and mulch. You can thereafter plant decorative plants and colorful bushes in the rock garden.

A Trellis To Support Your Blueberry Bush  

You may even want to install a trellis nearby, which your blueberry bush will climb to thrive and provide you edible fruits in the long run. Blueberry fruits possess powerful oxidizing ingredients that cleanse your body when you eat them.

Add A Waterfall Or Fountain To The Rock Garden

Top off your innovative front lawn outdoor rock garden by adding a waterfall or a simple fountain. You'll find the water splashing sounds that bounce against the rocks very soothing and therapeutic when you return home and sit outdoors.

What New Trend Can You Add To Your Backyard Landscaping?

So what should you now do that's also innovative for your backyard landscaping? Here's a good idea that will involve you and your kids working on this landscaping project. Use a part of your backyard lawn to grow healthy fruits, herbs and vegetables in a planned garden. This will be your very own organic garden. Organic foods are expensive items. You'll be saving money by planting your own organic food items. Your kids will enjoy planting the vegetables and fruit plants and nurturing the plants while they are growing.

Kids Will Be Inclined To Eat More Vegetables And Fruits

Your children will be anxious to eat food that they have planted. This is the best incentive for kids to start eating more vegetables when they are involved in planting and later harvesting the products, which you will be cooking for their enjoyment.

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