Ideas For Integrating A Retaining Wall Into Your Yard

If you have a sloped property, you know the hassle of trying to landscape your yard. You may have had difficulty planning a patio or functional walkway. That's when it's time to turn to a landscape architect to help transform your sloped yard into functional space. A landscape architect in your area will likely suggest implementing retaining walls. Integrate the retaining walls into your overall landscape to create a yard that's as beautiful as it is functional.

Series of Patios

Don't despair of having a spacious patio in your backyard even if your slope is steep. Instead, plan out a series of mini patios. Each platform should be designed for a specific outdoor activity, such as cooking, lounging or sunbathing. A series of stairs connects the platforms. For such patios, treated timber is the typical choice. The retaining wall itself can be in timber, or you can select a subtle stacked stone wall that blends into the landscape.

Terraced Garden

In the same vein, a terraced garden is an attractive way to hide the retaining walls in plain sight. Consider the style of garden you want to determine the type of retaining wall. For example, if you want a modern yard to complement your contemporary home, have poured concrete walls provide the terraces. Plant them with succulents and other plants that feature the sharp geometry characteristic of modern design. Stacked stone offers a more rustic look that pairs well with the fertile profusion typical of cottage gardening.

Fire or Water Feature

Along the same lines, another way to beautify your retaining wall is by incorporating a water or fire feature in the design. One way to do this is by placing the feature on the terrace. For example, create a mini-garden with a birdbath as the centerpiece of the terrace. Another option is to have the feature built into the wall itself, such as a water fountain built into a corner of the wall. Finally, consider using the space in front for the feature, such as for a fire pit. 

Wall Seating

If you want to enjoy the view from your yard, consider transforming the retaining wall into a seat wall. As the Landscaping Network points out, extending the wall to at least 18 inches allows for contractors to incorporate bench seating into the wall. A seat wall can be part of the patio space, or it can stand alone and yard seating. Choose a material that's complementary to your house's façade. Likewise, locate the seat wall in an area that both shores up the slope and provides a pretty view.

Retaining walls can beautiful your yard even as the transform a slope into functional space.