4 Tips For Landscaping A Small Patio Backyard

Not having a huge backyard doesn't mean that you can't have a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy. If your backyard consists of just a patio area, you still have a number of landscaping options. Landscaping a small patio area can take a little bit more planning to ensure that you maximize the use of the space available, but when done right the results can be beautiful. Use the following tips to landscape your small patio backyard:

Think About the Scale When Buying Furniture

Most people want to have seating or a place to dine outdoors in their backyard, but when you're landscaping a small patio backyard, you have to choose your furniture wisely. It is very important to think about the scale of the furniture and the size relative to the space. A large outdoor dining set will take up too much space and may look out of place in a small patio backyard, but a small bistro table with two chairs can fit in perfectly.

Use Vertical Space

When you're landscaping an area with minimal square footage, one of the best things you can do is utilize vertical space. Consider buying several hanging planters and fill them with beautiful plants and flowers and then use a hook to hang them. A trellis is also great for small spaces, as you can create a wall of greenery by planting vines that grow upwards. Another option is to install window boxes on a wall to give you another spot to grow flowers or even herbs or vegetables without having to use space on the ground.

Don't forget about hanging decorations when landscaping your small space. Wind chimes, bird feeders, garden signs, and bird houses can make your patio a lot more interesting and allow you to express your personal style in your outdoor space.

Create a Focal Point

A small patio backyard looks great when there is a focal point that draws the eye towards it. Think about placing a small fountain on your patio for visual appeal. In addition to looking nice and creating a focal point for your landscape design, many people enjoy listening to the sound of flowing water and find it quite relaxing and soothing.

Keep the Area Bright

While plants are a beautiful addition to any small patio backyard, make sure you don't overdo it to the point that the plants block out light from the sun. If your backyard patio gets a lot of natural light, it is more likely to feel more spacious and airy than an area that is darkly shaded most of the day.

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