Why Strong Winds Sometimes Necessitate A Tree Removal

During a powerful storm, there are several ways that a tree can be effected. In some situations, the tree is completely destroyed. In other situations, it may be possible to help the tree recover. You will need to understand the common ways that trees are destroyed by wind before you can determine whether your tree should be removed.

Blown Over Trees

If the tree is blown over, it will need to be completely replaced. This usually only occurs if the tree was not properly maintained. For example, if the tree was suffering from a disease that was not treated, this could place the tree in a position where it would be more likely to be knocked over by strong winds.

Torn Off Branches

Sometimes, winds tear off a branch. This could cause damage to nearby property and can also harm the tree, possibly splitting it and making removal necessary. This most often occurs with old trees, those that have very narrow branch angles and trees that are in areas that have persistent wind. Therefore, you will want to plant trees that are designed to be resistant to the wind conditions your property is often subjected to.

Twisted Trunks

Strong, consistent winds can cause the crown to become twisted. This phenomenon can cause the tree to become structurally weaker, which will increase the risk that the tree will fall over.

Damaged Roots

When a tree has limited root growth space and damage to the roots, often caused by construction, it can lead to the tree becoming more likely to tilt over as a result of strong winds. To minimize this risk, make sure that you avoid damaging tree roots when digging around the tree.

In some cases, your trees will adjust to the strong winds. Many of the techniques used to protect trees from strong winds, such as tight staking, are unnecessary. Either the tree will adjust to the strong winds or it will not.

Removing A Damaged Tree

After strong winds have battered your tree, it is time to contact a tree removal service company that can inspect your tree to determine if it indeed needs to be removed. If so, the company can then provide a quote for the cost of the tree removal service. While there are some circumstances where it is obvious that the tree should be removed, if you are not sure, only a qualified tree inspection can make this determination.