Beyond Aesthetics: Three Other Reasons To Prune Your Trees Regularly

Have you pruned your tree lately? If the tree in your yard does not look overgrown and misshapen, you might assume there's no reason to prune it. However, regular trimming is important for reasons other than good looks. Here are three other great reasons to prune your trees on an annual basis:

Pruning protects against fungal infections.

Most of the diseases that affect trees, from anthracnose to needle blight, are caused by fungi. Fungi thrive in moist,shaed environments. When you don't prune your tree regularly, the branches become too dense. Not enough air gets to them, and they stay too moist, increasing your tree's risk of a fungal infection. Trim your trees regularly to keep the branches thinned out, and you won't have to worry so much about the tree developing a disease.

Trimming ensures weak or dying branches are removed before they cause damage.

When heavy winds blow in, dead or weak branches can prove a threat to your home and to anyone who happens to be outside. Even if the tree is not immediately near your home, a strong wind can carry a branch quite a distance, blowing it into your window or roof. When you have your tree trimmed regularly, any branches that are weak and on the verge of falling off are removed before they have the chance to cause damage.

Pruning will make the tree stronger.

When your tree has too many branches, it may not have enough resources, like water and nutrients, to keep all of those branches as healthy and strong  as possible. When the weaker branches are removed, there are more resources left for the stronger, more attractive ones – so they can become even stronger. This will make your tree less prone to breakages and even diseases.

When your tree is allowed to become overgrown, the inner branches also end up being too shaded. They are not exposed to enough sunlight to allow them to produce "food" for the tree to their maximum potential. When you prune away the excess branches, those that are left can capture more sunlight. As a result, they can grow more vibrant and lead to a stronger tree overall.

If you're not comfortable trimming your trees yourself, hire a tree service to do so. Annual pruning is not just for good looks. It ensures a stronger, healthier, safer tree. To learn more, speak with a landscaping expert in your area.