Removing Dandelions From Your Lawn Without Using Chemical Processes

If you had noticed an abundance of dandelions throughout your property, you will want to be diligent in removing them and keeping them from returning so your grass grows lush and green without these pesky weeds overtaking its space. If you do not wish to use pesticides to remove dandelions, you have a few natural methods available to give a try. Here are some ways to remove dandelions from your lawn without using harsh chemicals to do so.

Take Time To Remove Dandelions By Hand

Although it sounds tedious, removing dandelions by hand is one of the most effective ways in keeping them from returning. This method allows the entire root to be plucked from the ground along with the weed, keeping spreading at a lower rate. When picking a dandelion, grasp the stem close to the ground in an attempt to pull the entire root along with the stem and bloom. If the root remains, the dandelion will regrow. Purchasing a dandelion removal tool from the garden department at your local home goods store is an alternative to try. Make the project fun by having the entire family select a portion of the yard to remove these weeds and see who finishes first or who removes the most.

Keep The Lawn At The Appropriate Height

Mowing your lawn often will help keep dandelion growth and seeding at bay. When doing so, keep the mower blade a few inches above the ground. This will ensure the grass is not cut short enough to allow dandelion seeds in the ground to receive abundant sunlight. The higher blades will shade the ground, helping to keep the seeds from emerging as weeds. You will need to mow your grass more often since it will already have over an inch of blade present at all times. Consider hiring a lawn moving service to keep your grass trimming on a set schedule so these weeds do not overtake your lawn if you cannot commit to regular mowing on your own.

Increase The Health Of Your Soil

Dandelions grow in soil with a higher alkalinity level. A pH level of seven or above is favorable for dandelion growth while grasses fare better around a level of 6.5. Have your soil in your yard tested to find out the acidity and alkalinity level. If you need to increase the acidity of your soil to encourage grass growth, try adding some organic compost to the land for a natural way to correct the pH level. 

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