3 Great Reasons To Get Custom Shirts For Your Landscaping Team

Landscaping is perhaps the job with the least semblance of a dress code possible, with many teams even opting to go shirtless or in a crummy tank top to do the day's work. However, this "dress code" doesn't offer your team much in the way of protection from the sun or from plant or equipment-based hazards, not to mention the benefits to your business of a shirtless team are near zero. To remedy this situation, here are three ways a company shirt will help your business and your employees on a daily basis. 

Protection from the Sun

Skin cancer is a major concern among landscapers, and for good reason. An 8 to 10 hour day spent outside in the scorching summer sunlight can greatly increase your risk of skin cancer, so landscapers need to be especially aware of the risks inherent in their job. A company shirt that helps to block the sun's harmful rays is an easy way to mitigate this risk, and this policy can be enacted in a few days with the help of online ordering. Make sure to look for a shirt that's specifically designed to protect your workers from the sun, since not all shirts will provide the same level of protection. 

Protection from Thorns, Wood Chips, and Poison Plants

Landscaping presents a large number of different hazards for your team on the ground, and unlike UV exposure, many other hazards can cause a team member to have to pack it in early that day. While going shirtless or in a sleeveless shirt won't protect you from an unexpected thorny bush or rogue wood chip, a long sleeve or t-shirt will certainly deflect many hazards of the job. If your team does a lot of work in thorny areas, then consider going with a long sleeved shirt in a thick fabric, but also remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day if you'll be sporting such a warm shirt. 

Brand Recognition

This benefit will actually pay off in several different ways depending on your shirt design. Shirts with a large logo on the back will act like free advertising while you and your team are on a job. Another benefit is that your customers will likely be more comfortable with a team that's seen as legitimate based on their affiliation with an established landscaping company rather than what may look like a ragtag team of lawn mowers.  Contact a landscapers supply to see the clothing and gear options available.