The Best Way To Add Moss To Your Landscape

Moss is appealing not only because of its unique appearance, but also due to how moss lasts all year long. Moss is also almost maintenance-free. You do not have to mow it, use fertilizers, pesticides or water it after it has become established. Also, it will grow in areas that are too shady to get grass to grow. To make sure that your moss garden is a success, you will need to establish the optimum conditions for moss and will need to know how to plant it.

Keep The Area Moist

While moss doesn't require water after it has been established, it will need regular watering to keep the area moist for the first three weeks or the moss will not survive.

Find The Right Location To Grow The Moss

Before deciding to grow moss, you will need to make sure that you have a location that is adequate for growing it. Moss performs well in locations that have partial or full shade. The moss will never perform well in areas that have full sun. Slopes that face toward the north and east tend to be the best locations.

Make Sure The Soil Is Acidic

If you have soil that is acidic, the moss will perform better. Use a pH testing kit to determine how acidic the soil is. Otherwise, you will need to use amendments to increase the soil acidity before planting. For example, you can increase the soil acidity by adding used coffee grinds.

Find The Right Type Of Moss

The best moss to plant in your location is native moss. To accomplish this, look for sheets of moss growing in your yard and transport them to the location where you would like it to grow. It can often be found near fallen logs, near ditches and nearby buildings that block sunlight. Place each chunk of moss in location and use a stick to hold the moss in place.

Create A Slurry

Moss slurry can be created to grow moss over a rock garden. Place moss, buttermilk and water into a blender. Blend the mixture together until it has the consistency of a milkshake and then spread it over the rocks. The spores will form the moss all over any hard surfaces you paint it over. After the moss has grown, if you are not happy with exactly how the moss has filled in, you can spread more of the slurry until you achieve the results that you want.

To upgrade your landscape with moss, visit a plant store near you.