4 Things You Need To Do To Keep Your New Synthetic Yard Looking Great

If you do not have the time or physical ability to mow your yard every week, synthetic turf can be a great alternative. Synthetic turf allows you to have the look of grass without all the hard work. If you choose to install a synthetic turf lawn, you'll need to know how to take care of it. Here are a few things you'll need to know to keep your new synthetic yard looking great.

#1 Clean Your Yard With Water

Generally, the natural rainfall will clean off any debris that accumulates on your synthetic yard. However, during the summer months when it is hot and dry outside, you may need to wet down your synthetic yard from time to time. Hosing down your yard will remove any organic material that has hardened and dried on the surface. 

#2 Wash Away Stains

In general, synthetic fibers do not stain easily. However, if you spill food or liquids onto your synthetic grass, you should wash them away with your hose.

If you get a difficult stain on your grass, you'll want to mix a tiny bit of detergent with water, and scrub the stain with the solution. This should remove the stain from your grass. If you have pet urine stains on your grass, mix some white vinegar with some water and apply it to the stain. That should remove the stain as well as the associated smell.

 #3 Rake Your Grass

Even though your grass is not alive, every once and a while you should rake the synthetic fibers. This will help redistribute the blades and make your lawn look more balanced. Doing this occasionally will help your grass wear evenly and will extend the life of your new yard. Raking is also a great way to keep an eye out for weeds. If you notice any weeds trying to grow up through your synthetic grass, just pull them out. 

#4 Keep Hot Objects Away From Your Grass

Finally, make sure that you keep all hot objects away from your grass. If you smoke cigarettes, make sure that you do so on your deck or pavement, not on your grass. You don't want the ashes from your cigarettes falling on the grass. The hot ashes could melt the fibers and shorten the life of your new lawn. 

Additionally, if you use a charcoal grill, you should also keep that on your deck or patio. You don't want a hot coal to roll out and burn your grass! 

Artificial grass is relatively easy to take care and allows you to enjoy a green lawn without all the work of a regular lawn. Keep the tips above in mind, and you should be able to get a lot of use out of your new synthetic lawn.