Three Inexpensive Approaches To Yard Irrigation That Require Minimal Maintenance

When you think of yard irrigation, you probably think of complex sprinkler systems on a timing system that regularly water your lawn. While this is a lovely feature to have for your home and property, these systems can be quite expensive. Until you can afford such a system, here are three inexpensive approaches to yard irrigation that require little to no maintenance for their continued use.

Modified Rainwater Barrels

Rainwater barrels used to collect rainwater may also be used in this clever fashion to irrigate your yard. Use a drill with a large hole borer bit to create several holes in the barrel. Then take a dowel, cut pieces off of the dowel to create plugs the same size as the holes you just drilled in your barrel. Plug the holes to collect rainwater and then, when you need to irrigate your lawn, pull the dowel plugs out of the holes. This method also allows you to control which direction the water spits out. If you place a couple of these modified barrels in key locations in your yard, you will be able to irrigate any part of the yard any time you want.

Modified Hoses and "Y" Connectors

Another inexpensive approach is the modified garden hose and "y" connector method. For this, you will need several lengths of garden hose. One really long hose acts as your main hose and connects to the spigot on the outside of your house. The shorter hoses will connect to the end of the long hose via a "y" connector. Some "y" connectors will only connect two extra hoses to the main hose, but you can buy a "y" connector that actually forks three or four ways. Purchase a three- or four-forked connector for better coverage of your yard, especially if your yard is really large. Connect all of the hoses together, and then modify them by putting small slices into the hoses to release the water. Then the only other thing you would need to do daily is turn the outside water on and let it run for a few minutes.

Expandable Irrigation Downspouts

Another inexpensive home and garden wonder, the expandable irrigation downspout is made of tough, durable plastic that folds out as it fills with rain water. Once the pressure has built up significantly, the water is forced out and released through the pre-punched irrigation holes in the plastic. Every downspout on your home and garage becomes its own irrigation system while rerouting the water away from the foundation of your home and garage. When all of the water has been expelled from these expandable devices, they quickly roll back up and out of the way of your lawn mower.