3 Tips For More Effective Watering After Hydroseeding

When you need to plant a large area, you probably already know that hydroseeding is often the easiest and fastest way to do so. However, the frequency with which you water the newly seeded ground in the days and weeks immediately after hydroseeding can have a dramatic impact on the usability and growth of the area. By applying the following tips to your watering schedule, you are much more likely to see new life throughout the area you have seeded in a brief period of time.

#1-Do Not Water At All For A Day After Hydroseeding

The first 24 hours after hydroseeding is crucial. Since hydroseeding contains multiple types of seeds, fertilizer, water and sometimes mulch, it does not need any more help from you for about a day. By waiting that day, the soil is given an opportunity to form the first tentative connections with the seeds.

#2-Always Keep The Mulch Wet

It can be surprising for someone new to hydroseeding to discover that it often contains a layer of mulch. Due to the fact that the mulch provides protection against weather elements and nutrition to the seeds to encourage faster growth, the mulch must never be allowed to entirely dry out. Providing about an inch of water to your lawn is usually sufficient, and well-placed boxes throughout your lawn with appropriate depth markings can help you make sure you are releasing the right amount of water.

With that being said, it is important to note that never drying out does not mean soaking it entirely. Instead, it is frequently recommended to liberally water two to three times a day for at least two weeks. At that time, you are likely to be seeing significant growth, and you can then begin watering just one to two times a day. If you have not seen a lot of growth at or about the two week mark, continue watering as you have been instructed, and call your hydroseeding expert, as there may be a problem. It will also be helpful to remember that your weather and season can influence the growth of your new lawn, so those figures are approximate, and you should always refer to the information given by your seeding expert.

#3-Never Allow Puddles To Form From Your Own Watering

One rule of thumb when watering the newly seeded area is that puddles are just wasted water. Wasted water not only does not help the plants, it could drown them. Obviously, there is not much that you can do about an unexpected storm that comes in and drops a lot of water soon after hydroseeding, but it is a good idea to limit the water you personally provide. In general, strive to have it be consistently as damp as a sponge will be during cleaning.

In addition, even areas of drought could get unexpected rain, so it will be helpful to speak with your contractor before hydroseeding about recommendations as to what you can do to prevent damage to the newly-seeded land in the event of unexpected rain.

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