Got a Low Stone Retaining Wall? Liven It Up With Creeping Perennial Flowers

If you have a stone retaining wall that looks boring, you can liven it by planting flowers that will creep over the sides of it. This makes your wall look much more interesting, and you will have beautiful flowers to display.

White Iceberg Climbing Rose

With white flowers, this rose looks beautiful in almost any type of landscaping. Plant one at each end of the retaining wall to create a nice display. They grow well in full sun and can withstand heat. Some good companion flowers that go well with these roses are cosmos, lavender, catmint, and stargazer lilies. These flower will not climb, but will grow well across the bottom of the wall.

Basket of Gold

If you live in a northern climate, the basket of gold (Aurinia saxtilis) flower would work well for you. This flower has green foliage with golden blooms that will creep up just about anything. This flower does not like high heat, so if you live in the south it would not grow well for you. It starts blooming in early summer until the first frost.


Hoya (carnosa variegate) has star like flowers that bloom in white and pink. This flower grows best if your retaining wall is in the sun in the morning but has more shade in the afternoon, and it does not like heat. The flower vines will twine around each other and they bloom starting in early summer until the first frost.


The genus Lonicera honeysuckle has blooms in shades of green, red, and yellow, and it flowers in spring through the end of summer. They can grow well in both partial shade and full sun. The genus x Americana honeysuckle has purple tinged yellow or white flowers. The genus L caprifolium honeysuckle has yellow or white flowers.


The thunbergia (alta) flower has yellow blooms with a black center. The blooms are small and there can be hundreds of them on one plant. They do well at climbing up a retaining wall, and will bloom for you starting in spring throughout fall until you have your first frost.


The aubrieta (Aubrieta anamasica) flowers are one of the best to plant on a retaining wall. They will blanket your entire wall with blooms in shades of pink, blue, or purple. They flower generously, and will bloom from spring until the end of summer. They grow well in full sun and can withstand heat.

If you want to plant more than one creeping flower on your retaining wall, make sure you know how far they spread out. You do not want them to spread into each other. However, if you're looking to put a retaining wall in your yard, consider contacting local specialists, such as Quality Lawn & Landscape.