Handling Dutch Elm Disease

If you suspect that you have a tree infected with Dutch Elm Disease (DED) in your own yard or somewhere nearby in your neighborhood, you should immediately call a tree removal professional in order to discuss removal options. But it can help to understand a little bit more about the disease and the role that tree removal plays in the process of eliminating the disease from your area. Getting rid of a diseased tree can help raise the value of your home and keep your neighborhood looking pleasant. 

DED Treatment

Simply removing a DED-infected tree does not guarantee that other trees around it won't be infected. Because DED can get into the root system under the ground and be passed along from tree to tree in that manner, the disease itself needs to be eliminated. If you remove an infected tree, you will most likely find that trees nearby have already been infected and may begin to show symptoms of infection within the following few months. 


Fungicide injections are available for trees that were in close proximity to the infected tree. The fungicide can be injected into the root system of the trees at risk and clear their roots of the disease. The United States Department of Agriculture suggests that injections only be used for very special trees that may have some historic or landmark value of some kind. However, for neighborhoods with multiple rows of elms lining the streets of the area, the cost of injecting the two trees closest to the infected tree may still be far less than having to remove and replace every tree in the neighborhood. 

Single Trees

If you have a single tree that is infected, and no other trees may have roots nearby, professional tree removal is a fast and easy way to get rid of the tree and the disease in your area. Once the tree begins to die, it goes from enhancing the beauty of your home and the value of your property to decreasing both the aesthetic and monetary value. 

Don't let ugly, disease-infected trees ruin your property or your neighborhood. Set up an appointment to get single trees removed today. If you have a larger project consisting of multiple rows of elms, be sure to talk to a tree removal specialist, such as Jonny's Tree & Landscaping Co., LLC, about the options available for making sure that the greenery in your area stays healthy for years to come.